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Strunk Consulting, LLC. has been providing IT consulting & helpdesk support to clients in Southern Indiana for nearly 25years and now offers a full line of cloud managed services with specialized focus in CyberSecurity, Risk Management &  Penetration Testing. With strategic partnerships from leading hardware, software and service providers,  SKYLOCK uses an 'offensive defense' approach to keep your solutions and support local, private & secure.


Combining the consulting, support & helpdesk services of Strunk Consulting, LLC.
with the managed security service of SKYLOCK Solutions.

No, we haven’t changed ownership but have changed focus from operating in traditional re-active (break/fix) model to adopting a pro-active approach to information technology security, management & monitoring. The reshaping of roles and functions has brought a paradigm shift creating new methods of working to serve customers in the fastest and securest way possible both on-premise and remotely. 

Information Technology has become an essential part of our lives and it extends far beyond just the workplace. We take it with us wherever we go.  So, we’ve combined elements of Strunk Consulting’s organic “personal touch” approach of IT consulting, support and helpdesk with our own in-house managed services arm.  With SKYLOCK, we can provide end-to-end resources that keeps your solutions and support local with a focus on cybersecurity, risk management and privacy.

In today’s rapidly changing technology landscape, there is tremendous opportunity. However, businesses also face an increasing risk of cybersecurity threats with new vulnerability channels. As stakes rise, value generated in today’s digital world can quickly be diminished from a single security breach. Cybersecurity and privacy in today’s enterprise is not just an IT issue—it’s a fundamental business issue.  Cybersecurity is an important business imperative. Cyber threats are an ongoing, growing reality and organizations need to see them for what they are: risk management concerns that have potential to severely disrupt business strategies and objectives.

Our experienced and principled approach to designing, deploying and managing enterprise-grade management solutions helps ensure our customers data security and integrity.  We bring together resources from industry leaders, government and academia to improve the knowledge of cybersecurity and cyberthreats for small to mid-sized businesses and education of the ‘human firewall’ element; to strengthen the position of our clients in their adoption of best practice security policies within their organizations. 


We know what it takes; we love what we do and we’re GREAT at it.

Security as a service (SECaaS) integrates our end-to-end managed  security services into your business infrastructure on a subscription basis often more cost effectively than most individuals or businesses can provide on their own, when total cost of ownership is considered.


We can provide unified endpoint management (UEM) as an approach to securing, patching and monitoring server, desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets in a connected, cohesive manner. 


Our backup as a service (BaaS)  is a fully managed  solution that provides redundant off-premise copies of your mission critical data and does so in a simple with non-resource intensive tools. Our regional approach to BaaS can insure you're up and running in hours instead of days.


As Microsoft, Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Partners, we are your direct source for Office 365 & Azure Cloud Solutions adoption, deployment, management and training. A direct Cloud Solution Provider , we manage all aspects of your MS Cloud Solution end-to-end. 

SKYLOCK's penetration test can be performed  to evaluate and improve the overall security of your company’s network and web-based applications/sites to know how susceptible you are to cyber-attacks.    Our penetration tests are more than just vulnerability scans and The best way to stop attackers is to think and act like an attacker.  The SKYLOCK 'Offensive Defense' approach.


Is the managing of technologies, practices, and policies that address threats or vulnerabilities in your businesses networks, computers, programs and data,  enabled by connection to digital infrastructure, information systems, or industrial control systems and to reduce the likelihood and impact of a cyber event to an organization’s operations, assets, and individuals. 




78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails. And yet they click anyway.



The amount of phishing emails containing a form of ransomware grew to 98% during Q3 2016, up from 92% in Q1 2016



A staggering 56% of small and midsized organizations (SMBs), reported suffering at least one cyberattack in the last 16 months.

The principles of relationship and trust are what set us apart.  I am confident that if given the opportunity you will find that the personal attention you or your business receives from our team will be unmatched!  We’ve now seen hacking go mainstream and it’s become imperative that businesses integrate security into their operations in order to survive after a breach. Small and medium size business needs to be more proactive in its approach to cybersecurity and risk management as opposed to chasing down the increasing barrage of unknown threats reactively. 

-  Stacy W. Strunk
-  Founder & CEO


Whether SMB or corporate  operations, SKYLOCK can tailor services for your organization to provide enterprise level solutions & support.


    By definition, an “end-to-end” solution encompasses the entire content workflow, from acquisition and capture to delivery and playout, using a single integrated platform. No longer will you have to struggle to communicate your issue. We handle all of your support requests from beginning to end no matter what additional parties may need involved.

    Our specialists are here to assist you and are recognized as some of the brightest, most devoted and the friendliest staff in the  business. Regardless what your IT needs may be, we assure you that we will stay on top of your project/task so that you can focus on doing what you do best ... run your business. 

    Our mission has always been to provide clients with the highest level consulting and support services by developing a close working and relevant relationship with them. Armed with a greater knowledge of their operations, procedures and goals we assist them in clearly defining a working technology model to not only meet those goals but provide ongoing support well beyond its implementation.


Dustin comes to us with almost five years of desktop support experience and has worked in education, healthcare, and enterprise business environments. Most recently Dustin obtained his Certificate of Completion through My Computer Career. He was the first student to graduate from their Interactive Distance Learning program that graduated through the Indianapolis campus! Dustin has his CompTIA A+ certification as well as a Microsoft Technical Associate certificate in Security Fundamentals. Dustin is a crucial member of the team here at SKYLOCK Solutions.


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